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Required Textbooks

The following textbooks are required for the Critical Care Nursing Program:

Aehlert, B. (2018).  ECGs Made Easy (6th Ed.).  St. Louis, MO:  Elsevier.  ISBN:  978-0-323-40130-2

Hazinski, M.F., & Shuster, M.  (Eds.) (2015). 2015 Handbook of emergency cardiovascular care for healthcare providers.  Ottawa, ON: Heart and Stroke Foundation.  ISBN: 978-1-926969-36-7

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (2016).  Advanced cardiovascular life support:  ACLS provider manual.  Ottawa, ON:  Author.  ISBN:  978-1-926969-50-3

Urden, L.D., Stacy, K.M., & Lough, M.E. (2018).  Critical care nursing: Diagnosis and management (8th Ed.).  St. Louis:  Mosby. ISBN:  978-0-323-44752-2

Optional Resource: (not reimbursed by employer)

Jarvis, C. (2019).  Physical examination & health assessment, Third Canadian Edition. Toronto, ON:  Elsevier Canada. ISBN: 978-1-77172-154-7

*Textbooks may be reimbursed. Please keep your ORIGINAL receipts and contact your sponsoring manager.

Textbooks are available at:

Dalhousie Health Sciences Bookstore, 6136 University Ave., Halifax, NS

Phone 902-494-3020.  If you need assistance, just ask for Jim Regan the Health Sciences Text Buyer

You can visit the bookstore in person or order online at their website www.dal.ca/bookstore

Direct link to order CCNP texts from Dalhousie Health Sciences Bookstore:  https://bookstore.dal.ca/CourseSearch/?course[]=HS-SUB,HS-F19,NURS,CCNP,&

Unfortunately, the Dalhousie Health Sciences Bookstore cannot invoice or accept cheques. Books should arrive within 3 days if ordering online or by phone within Nova Scotia, and up to a week as your shipping address moves west.-

** These textbooks are also sometimes available online through websites such as

Amazon.ca or Chapters/Indigo**