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Vision, Mission & Values

RNPDC Vision

A nationally recognized centre of innovative education for health care providers that promotes excellence and leadership in health care practices and better health for all.

RNPDC Mission

The provison of competency-based education and consultation that is responsive to the needs of health care providers in today's practice settings, based on evidence, and promoted through scholarly work.

RNPDC Values

  • Excellence - in the identification, development and delivery of quality programs and services.
  • Integrity - in all actions.
  • Respect - for diverse roles, perspectives and individual differences.
  • Collaboration - in all activities within the Centre, and with learners, health care providers and stakeholders.
  • Life long learning - as a continuous process to ensure competence as roles and responsibilties evolve in rapidly changing healthcare and education systems.
  • Safety - in all aspects of health care.


The Registered Nurses Professional Development Centre offers performance-based post-licensure specialty certification programs to RNs and other health care professionals. These programs provide the knowledge and clinical foundation for professional practice in a specialty setting based on competencies identified for patient-centered care, team work and collaboration, evidence informed practice, quality improvement, safety and informatics.

Each specialty certification program:

  • Is offered as a full-time and/or part-time study option.
  • Recognizes and provides an opportunity for you to qualify for credit for your prior learning.
  • Full time program supports classroom teaching that utilizes a variety of learner-centered strategies.
  • Part time option uses a self-study approach that permits you, the learner, to decide where and when to study based on set program start and end dates.
  • Emphasizes interactive opportunities to enhance learning while meeting individual learning styles.
  • Supports program resources at learning sites throughout the province and attempts to provide the required performance-based clinical experience at a site close to your home.
  • Awards a certificate upon achievement of program outcomes, which potentially could be utilized as credit towards university education or national certification.