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Promoting Recovery in Mental Health

PSRThe RNPDC is excited to offer this innovative, timely certification program. Promoting Recovery in Mental Health (PRMH) is a performance-based, interprofessional opportunity that prepares mental health providers to confidently practice psychosocial rehabilitation with individuals living with serious mental health difficulties.

This 29-week program is made up of 14 extensive print-based lessons with instructional activities, underpinned by required readings, videotapes, a community research assignment, and a knowledge examination. Learning labs are used to develop and assess competencies specific to this practice. During four scheduled skills days, you have an indispensable opportunity to practice and have your skills constructively assessed. This assessment is done in your own practice setting, with faculty and peer reviewers, and through candid self-reflection.

The competencies for the Promoting Recovery in Mental Health program are arranged under seven general areas.

  • Interpersonal – you develop interactive relationships, centred on strengths, with individuals living with serious mental illnesses. You encourage recovery goals through a supportive partnership.
  • Professional Role – you follow ethical, legal, and professional standards.
  • Community Resources – you support normative experiences where community living skills are both learned and practiced, in real neighbourhood settings, on a regular basis.
  • Assessment, Planning, and Outcomes – you create a plan in which recovery goals can be set and reached.
  • Interventions – you implement interventions determined by the individual’s recovery plan and goals.
  • Systems – you demonstrate strategies to expand choice and opportunity for individuals living with serious mental illnesses
  • Diversity – you demonstrate cultural competency and effectiveness in working with individuals with serious mental illnesses who are from wide ranging ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Once you complete this program you will be able to use the three phases of the psychosocial rehabilitation process – diagnosis and assessment, planning, and intervention – in supporting individuals living with serious and recurrent mental health difficulties.

Imagine the lives you can touch.

Prerequisite: Learners must be currently working in a mental health setting at the point of applying.

Part-time study:

Next Program Date To Be Announced

Dates are subject to change, if you miss the deadline date please contact the program faculty.

• 15 hours of independent study per week, on average

Contact Information:

Program Costs

Academic Fees (for payment options, click here):
Course materials $150.00
Tuition $300.00

Textbooks (approx.) $90.00