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Required Textbook

1. Diabetes Canada. (2018). Clinical practice guidelines: Quick reference guide. 

The guide can be purchased at

2. Jarvis, C., Brown, A.J., MacDonald-Jenkins, J. & Luctkar-Flude, M. (2019). Physical Examination and Health Assessment - Canadian, 3rd Edition. Saunders Canada. (Approximately $136.00)     

Some textbooks are available at: Dalhousie University Bookstore, Student Union Building, 6136 University Ave. Halifax, NS. Phone 902-494-3020

You can visit the bookstore in person or pay over the phone by visa or MasterCard or you can order online at their website www.dal.ca/bookstore .

Unfortunately, they cannot invoice or accept cheques. If ordering online or by phone, the books should arrive within 3 weeks.

** These textbooks are also sometimes available online through websites such as Amazon or Chapters/Indigo**