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Preceptorship Program

PreceptorIn the current employment environment, with acute shortages of skilled professionals, the role of the preceptor has never been more essential to healthcare. It has been proven that organizations savvy enough to implement the preceptor model for new staff and learners benefit in numerous ways. Two key benefits are a positive impact on recruitment and higher retention rates of new staff. Add to these impressive findings the fact that preceptors who have completed our Nova Scotia Preceptor Development Program acknowledge noteworthy improvements in their own competence and confidence levels. We know we have created an outstanding program.

Currently, two preceptor workshops are offered:

1. Foundational (Level One) 
2. Advanced (Level Two)

Foundational Workshop

The Nova Scotia Preceptor Development Program (Foundational Workshop) has been built from cutting-edge research, best practices, as well as invaluable feedback from educators and preceptors. Its main focuses are the four preceptor competency domains of:

  • Education
  • Role modeling
  • Socialization
  • Protector

Foundational Workshop participants will gain knowledge and skill in the principles of: 

  • Adult education
  • Teaching strategies
  • Learning styles
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Conflict resolution
  • Critical thinking
  • Socialization strategies
  • Liability
  • Accountability
  • Dealing with generational diversity

We endeavor to bring the best, most hands-on, most up-to-date educational opportunities to you. Because of this, we are committed to staying alert to any ideas that might add value to our programs and move us all forward. The Preceptor Development Program is never static, but is constantly being revised, updated, and improved. Recent revisions include adopting an inclusive interprofessional (IP) focus. This means that all health care professionals will benefit from this program and are welcome to participate.

So clearly, our program is distinctive, but it also has lasting, far-reaching impact. Successful completion gives you the specific skills to guide and instruct students, graduates, and employees who may be either new to the profession or highly seasoned pros working in a new practice area. It will also build a confidence that will help you to more smoothly navigate this work, while accompanying you into all other aspects of your life.

All participants receive:

  • A first-rate one-day preceptor development workshop funded by your organization
  • A preceptor certificate
  • A preceptor lapel pin
  • A binder filled with all program materials and information for future resources
  • A singular opportunity for dynamic interaction and useful networking with colleagues 
  • Those who successfully complete the Foundational Workshop will receive eight continuing education hours

Contact Information:

Lori Jessome-Croteau: lori.jessome-croteau@nshealth.ca   902-473-5643